Countdown to Opening Day!


It's starting to look a lot like a cafe and vendor space!  Check out these updates to our construction (countertops, new kitchen fixtures) and get ready for our Opening Day coming soon!

People are Estranged


When you're in an alternative lifestyle, or even of a certain political or economic belief, you can run risk of conflict with your family, who may be of different and more rigid beliefs.  Some conform and contort themselves, or disguise themselves out of a need for safety or out of fear.  Not every household is the same and every life and situation is the responsibility of those experiencing it. ...

Sex Expo Etiquette 101


Hi Party People!  As Cupid's Musings & Gatherings prepares for our VERY FIRST table and event – eXXXotica Edison NJ, we thought it would be timely to  put together an article regarding the general atmosphere and expectations one should have at such an event.  Though rules (and laws) do change state by state, the events are always adult only, almost always restrict or prohibit alcohol...

Cuddle Parties Are Transformational


Cuddle Parties Are Transformational “Cuddle Party” … really? You may have heard the term Cuddle Party lately, seen news reports about it, read about it.    Today’s post goes into Cuddle Parties, what they are, what benefits they would have, and why they are therapeutic in teaching consent and helping people find safe and healthy ways to feel love that don’t need to involve...

What It Means To Be Body Positive

Body Positive

What It Means To Be Body Positive Body Positivity has become a new term, as has body shaming, fat shaming, skinnny shaming, but what does this all mean, and how does it impact me as a person?  We have had our bodies unfairly define us for a good portion of our lives.  For men, physical bulk and the degree to which you had it, meant you were steered toward more “manly” activities...

Cupid’s Musings – A Resource Center


When it comes to questions about sex, there is not a clear path to where you should go to get these questions answered.  This is obviously an issue when it comes to young people understanding how to create and sustain a relationship, finding out about their own sexuality, or even how to begin dealing with something like sexual persuasion. The current business landscape has sex shops (mostly in...

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