How To Use the Multi-Purpose Orgasmic njoy Pure Wand


The njoy Pure Wand is a Multi-purpose orgasmic tool.

Until a few months ago, I thought squirting was something some women could do and some simply could not—like knotting your tongue or being double jointed.  Quite honestly, I thought that women who could ejaculate repeatedly and squirt across a room were the stuff of pornographic fairy tales.  Everyone knows that most of what you see on porn isn’t real, right?  I just assumed that there was a hose hidden behind the woman that provided the endless font of pleasure juice. 

However, in January of this year, I attended a women’s sexual wellness retreat and discovered that I can, in fact, squirt.  I’d explored my g-spot in the past, aided by nothing but Mother Nature’s pleasure tools, my two hands.  I was able to find my g-spot due to its ridged and swollen feel, but my hands quickly became cramped from the awkward angle. However, under the expert hands of a sexological bodyworker, I was able to ejaculate quickly and easily.  As the retreat drew to a close, I began to worry how would I achieve these gushing and pleasurable g-spot orgasms once I returned home?  Now that I tasted the deliciousness of female ejaculation, I was not about to go back to frustrated afternoons of numb fingers and unachieved orgasms.

NJoyPure Wand

You can imagine my pleasure when a friendly sex educator introduced me to the njoy pure wand!  This toy is so simple, user-friendly, and eliminates the manual difficulty of locating, stroking, and continuing to stimulate the g-spot until one achieves orgasm.  The njoy pure wand is 7.5 curved inches and 1.5 lbs of polished steel and could probably be used as a weapon!  Whenever I travel with the wand, I make sure to pack it in my checked baggage so it isn’t confiscated! The weight and shape of this elegant beauty make it ideal for P or G-spot stimulation, whatever your pleasure!  The wand has an arched shape that resembles an old-fashioned telephone with two rounded bulbs on each end.  One end has a narrower neck and smaller bulb, and the other side has a thicker neck and larger bulb, for differing levels of internal stimulation and pressure.

To use the njoy, simply insert the desired end (I recommend using the smaller size until you are warmed up) and either gently pull the wand in and out (holding on to the bulb) or use an up and down rocking motion to rub the internal bulb against the g-spot.  The in and out motion is ideal for stimulating the cervix, and a-spot  as well as the g-spot!  The wand can also be used for prostate play! This toy is a must-have multipurpose orgasmic tool for every toy box.

The cold steel of njoy pure wand feels quite shocking (some like the sensation of coolness) when inserted into the body, unless you warm the wand in a cup of warm water prior to your pleasure session. Whether you pre-warm the toy or not, the njoy quickly adjusts to your body temperature and becomes hot and slippery, but the bulb handle is easy to grasp and manipulate at the desired speed and angle.  The njoy makes it easy to find the right spot to achieve a g-spot orgasm from any position and really is a great energy saver so you can have more fun with less effort!

A little sex ed


Before using the njoy Pure Wand, I recommend you do a little hands-on personal exploration and try to locate your g-spot with your fingers.  The g-spot isn’t really a spot; it’s a cylinder of erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra.  When a person with a vagina is aroused, you can feel the ridged underside of the urethral sponge on the top wall of the vagina, around 1-2 inches in from the entrance.

Arousal Matters!

One reason many vagina owners and their partners unsuccessfully try to find the “g-spot”/urethral sponge is because the vagina-owner was not sufficiently aroused for the g-spot to reveal itself.  As the arousal of the vagina owner builds, the spongy tube will swell and change consistency.  At peak arousal, the urethral sponge becomes firm and begins to feel like a wet sponge filled with liquid. 

It’s a good idea to make sure you, or your partner are well aroused before entering the vagina and going g-spot hunting.  In fact, prior to moderate arousal, g-spot stimulation can be annoying and unpleasant, if not painful. Without full arousal, rubbing on the g-spot directly stimulates the urethra and causes a strong sensation of needing to urinate, which is unpleasant and anxiety-inducing.  However, when a vagina is fully aroused and the urethral sponge is deliciously puffy and swollen, stimulation of the “g-spot” becomes deliciously pleasurable!  Once you’ve explored the urethral sponge at the different stages of arousal, add in your njoy wand and have fun!

Frequently Asked Question:

Female Ejaculate: Is it urine?

No! Female ejaculate is a fluid produced by the the paraurethral or Skene’s glands, and not the bladder.  The liquid has a clear and musky smell that can vary depending on where a vagina-owner is in their menstrual cycle, and how hydrated they are.  Vaginas squirt is a variety of ways and the liquid output varies widely from person to person and from one slippery squirt session to another.  Some vaginas can send ejaculate across a room, while others spurt, gush, or trickle.

Final Tip! Hydrate!

Once you get the hang of ejaculating, or helping your partner ejaculate, you’ll see that it often involves the release of a good deal of fluid.  Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after your play session to avoid headaches and dehydration.  Also note that the amount of ejaculate each vagina issues is different, and more fluid does not equal more pleasure.  Pleasure is not a competition.  Have fun discovering your body, and check out for your sexy time needs!


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Written By: The Erotic Alchemist - "The Erotic-Alchemist"