World Cancer Day

This post is to draw awareness to World Cancer Day, which, this year, is recognized on Monday, February 4th, and marks its 20th anniversary.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide.  There are multiple types, affecting multiple organs in the body.  There are several risk factors both caused by diet and lifestyle as well as from stress, work, and outside factors.

Though Cancer is treatable, the options and success rates vary by country, and competition between different companies, insurance companies and healthcare providers, has led to a lack of information sharing.  And, in general, Cancer is treated by those who invest in these companies, as the final frontier of disease, wary of wanting to cure it outright lest there not be a new disease to take it's place.  In general they do not see seeking a cure as profitable to shareholders.

To find out about resources committed to fighting Cancer and how to get help for yourself or others, find out prevention tips, historical data, and how to turn the tide on Cancer, please visit the official site for World Cancer Day: