Sex Expo Etiquette 101

Hi Party People!  As Cupid's Musings & Gatherings prepares for our VERY FIRST table and event – eXXXotica Edison NJ, we thought it would be timely to  put together an article regarding the general atmosphere and expectations one should have at such an event.  Though rules (and laws) do change state by state, the events are always adult only, almost always restrict or prohibit alcohol consumption (for good reason), and are clothing required.  However, this doesn't prevent you from entering your first sex expo with a sense of wonder, to get high on the headiness of so much of the sexual and erotic put on display in so many different varieties, and you really only need to wear pasties covering your private parts to technically be “clothed”.  Here are some tips regarding boundaries and safety so you can have a lot of fun and make sure your first sex expo isn't your last.

Be Mindful and Respectful.  While the first term may not be familiar to all, the second one should be.  You will be seeing a lot of scantily clad people which can be exciting and arousing.  You may even see them demonstrating, participating or just posing together with other professionals or friends.  This doesn't mean that what you are viewing is permissable for you to do.  That means no touching in general.  If allowed to touch, for photos, or, I guess, in conversation, keep your hands to the safe zones that are allowed.  be respectful of boundaries and space and considerate of how the other person may think or feel with questions or comments.  Be on your best behavior.

Get involved in the ways you can.  There are a ton of different ways to participate and interact with others besides posing for pictures or chatting with interesting attendees.  There will be workshops, demos, stage shows and other interactive events, that allow for you to explore judgement free  There will be different competitions to show off any special talents you have or just to let your inhibitions down.  And while staring is frowned upon, looking or calmly watching is fine, as there are many exhbitionists who will be showing off at these events.  Let the event be a place for you to find the people, events, and energy that feel just right for you under the umbrella of sexuality!

Make sure to learn something.  There will be a lot of learning to be had with the fun.  An array of different topics of benefit to both singles and couples will be available ranging from new ways of self pleasure, to bonding and connecting more, to the fun stuff like making porn together, blow job classes, bdsm demonstrations and discussions and more.  And in pursuing different topics and discussions you are interested in, you will definitely meet and connect with like minded people as well as gain information you either didn't know would benefit you or were intimidated to ask.

Dress the part.  Much like a play party, or even a ren faire, the dress of the attendees goes along with the theme of the event.  So dress in whatever way makes you feel your sexiest, freest and most sensual and desirable.  So long as your private parts are covered up by at least a sticker.  There will be a lot showing, from people walking around in thongs and lingerie, to those in body paint, covering genitals and nipples.  If you think you would feel like an outsider dressed up, then dress down and join in the fun.  It's a good venue to explore expressing your sexuality outwardly in a judgement free zone.  Whether it's an expression of a fetish such as leather or baby gear, of your primal instincts like body paint or even animal tails, or something else entirely, it's a good way to express your sexual personality and stand out from the crowd.

Bring cash.  I know we live in a world, where for the most part everything is done electronically at the swipe of a card.  But at fairs and expos – like eXXXotica for example, cash still rules.  There will be different entertainers posing for pictures, dancers performing for your pleasure, autographs being signed, and not everyone will be set up for cards.  It is definitely advised to bring extra cash for things you come across, in case cards aren't accepted, or when you come across that new toy or lingerie item that you connect with.  A combination of both card and cash will most likely be used as it's better safe than sorry.

Have Fun.  I know that the bulk of this article focuses on restrictions and what not to do, but you should go there with the same eagerness and zeal as you would to any other con or show, just in this case it's sexuality.  Enter with a feeling of awe and wonder, but don't get caught just standing there with your mouth agape.  Walk around, don't be afraid to introduce yourself or check out the different products.  Find out if there are special events or shows at different times. Loitering and staring is just as creepy at a sex expo as it would be to do to a cosplayer so speak respectfully if someone seems interesting and keep moving to whatever else catches your eye.  Keep these tips in mind and you're sure to enjoy yourself at any sex exp and be sure to check out Cupid's Musings & Gatherings at eXXXotica, Edison NJ Sept 6 – 8.  For more information on how to make the most of your time at a sex expo check out this article at dildoordildont