Poly Living Philadelphia

This weekend, in Philadelphia, Poly-Living will be celebrating it's 15th anniversary in Philadelphia.  The conference, which began in 2005, founded and organized by George Marvil, centered around non monogamous relationships, communication, community building, and was hosted at a hotel in the Philadelphia area.  George, tragically passed away in 2006, though the Poly Living conference continued and was taken over completely in 2008, by Loving More, by Robyn Trask and her partner Jesus Garcia.

As an attendee in 2014, the event is inspirational, therapeutic and refreshing.  There are meet and greets and icebreakers to meet other like minded people in a stress free environment.  There are various resources that are made available from books, to online communities, intentional communities and other forms of support.  There are lovely workshops that range from work for singles, couples, how to overcome trauma, face adversity, communicate with family and be the highest version of yourself.

There are tons of after hours events from dances, pujas to celebrate the divine feminine, of course after parties.  But it's the growth of the event, the traction on visibility and validation, the tangibility, seeing and knowing that you're not alone, that truly makes this event so special.  Registration is still available, through midnight tonight, and day passes are also available.  If you are on the East Coast, are in a polyamorous or open relationship, identify as non conforming in your lifestyle, or are curious and want to learn more about how deep and expansive love and relationships can be, please check out this special event:   https://www.lovingmorenonprofit.org/product-category/conference/poly-living-philadelphia/?fbclid=IwAR1AXM3mlE_GIV8Fx1PDfDXKVZFNm9rj7JcvCq1Etw1k6WRGec72aElCZTw