Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life in Marriage

Life can frequently get in the way of intimate times in a relationship. However, even for long term relationships sex life doesn't have to get boring.

Its logical to think that after years in a relationship that a couple should know what makes each other feel good, their likes and dislikes, habits and so-forth. puts forth a few great suggestions to keep your marriage and sex life healthy and strong. Top on their list is the ability to communicate. The ability to share innermost thoughts and feelings greatly enhances a relationship on many levels. It is also suggested that a couple be open with one another regarding their sexual desires in order to share what works for them.

Communication is the key to a healthy and active sex life in a marital relationship, so talk with one another more! Chatting about superficial things can be fun, but remember to go deeper in order to really establish intimacy. Be sure to talk about your innermost thoughts and feelings. Do so frequently!

Share with one another your sexual desires. Be open and honest about what you want. You do not have to use this time to be critical of your partner. Just assert what you want more of in the bedroom and what makes you feel good.

Talk with one another about your expectations concerning lovemaking. False or unmet expectations can hurt your marriage. If your expectations are not being met by your spouse, communicate this tactfully and sensitively.

Sexual intimacy is a continuing process of discovery. True intimacy through communication is what makes sex great.

Sex in a long-lasting relationship can deepen and become a richer experience. No matter how many times you have made love to each other, the wonder and awe of mutual attraction can still be there.

When life becomes busy, and schedules are hectic, plan for sexual encounters with one another. Some people may find this undesirable, but it all depends on how you look at it. You can make this just as exciting as spontaneous sex. Flirting throughout the day or specifying a “date for sex” can build anticipation. To make sex one of your main priorities means it may need to be scheduled.

Try to set the mood in advance. If you want to have good sex at night, start the foreplay in the morning.

Let your spouse know you care and are thinking about him/her throughout the day by notes, e-mails, texts, phone calls, hugs, etc.

Don't expect your spouse to be the only one in your marriage who is responsible for romance. You both need to take responsibility for having an intimate and successful marriage.

Hold hands and show affection more often. Women particularly need to feel loved and connected in order to have the desire for sex.

Make time for date nights and other novel activities together.

Be open to trying new things!

Read the full article, “How to Keep your Sex Life healthy in Marriage”, referenced above on . It also suggests a few extra tips about setting expectations in addition to what is needed for a marriage to have a healthy sex life.