LGBTQ Youth Need Inclusive Sex Education

LGBTQ youth face an additional challenge in acceptance: sex education. Most school districts have some form of sexual education in middle school and high school. Many of these schools have neglected a huge group of their students: LGBTQ students. Schools do teach about sex and sexual health, but only talk about heterosexual sexual experiences. This leaves LGBTQ youth confused and unsafe when the time comes for them to partake in sexual experiences. We are in desperate need of inclusive programs in our schools.

Inclusive programs are those that help youth understand gender identity and sexual orientation with age-appropriate and medically accurate information; incorporate positive examples of LGBTQ individuals, romantic relationships and families; emphasize the need for protection during sex for people of all identities; and dispel common myths and stereotypes about behavior and identity. 

Research shows that LGBTQ youth are uncomfortable talking to many adults about sexual health. This fear is what makes it so crucial for LGBTQ youth to be educated on this topic, because this fear causes youth to not ask the questions that need to be addressed. LGBTQ youth deserve the same treatment and education as heterosexual-cisgender youth. The following Cosmopolitan documentary series presents the challenges of providing the proper sex education for young queer people in Philadelphia. 

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