Darwin Day

Darwin Day, celebrated on the birthday of legendary researcher and author, Charles Darwin, who contributed thoroughly to the field of Science, most famously through his theory of evolution, which was heavily discounted during his time, but has since been acknowledged and accepted as a rule of nature.

Various characteristics of his research have become misused over time, most strikingly “survival of the fittest”.  Used to validate action against marginalized communities, as a justification for greed or for hardlined monetary decisions, it was never meant that the weakest species would die out and that the most powerful should never cease aggression.  It meants that those that worked together, who helped their weakest, who built the strongest communities and shelter, would continue to evolve with their thinking and adaptivity.

At the very least, his theories made people stop, think and question the world around them and what the true meaning of existence is, momentarily bringing society out of what was a tunnel vision of obligation and responsibility and stress, with little time to be fully present.  We are still in that way of mind, and today on Darwin Day, we are asked to take a moment to be present and to connect with the world around us; and not by going to work, or by running errands, but by being in and around nature, being still and silent with yourself.  Look at the connection between nature and the animal world and seek it's connection within you, not it's seperation.

For more information on Charles Darwin and his legacy please visit this page: https://darwinday.org/