Cupid’s Principles: Sex Positivity

We are starting a series of posts on the 4 principles that make up the foundation of Cupid's: Sex Positivity, Inclusivity, Education and Mental Health.  Today we focus on Sex Positivity.

What does Sex Positive mean?  On a date, or with friends and peers it means, Yes, of course I'm sex positive, i'm certainly not sex averse.  With colleagues, family or others, it's an inappropriate thing, it's something that should be avoided.  When you're alone with yourself it means something else.  So what does it truly mean?

Avoiding a textbook definition, it is shining a light on sexuality, the different facets and aspects of it, fearlessly, without shame, so as to discover, explore, record and share that which is good regarding sexuality, under a container that sexuality, as it's intended to be, is something that is good, should be celebrated, is of love, and embedded in much of the fabric of life.

In all the time that humanity has existed, we had an original, assumed, positive view of sexuality and may have even expressed and inhabited our sexuality in a perfectly normal and healthy way.  But as humanity, civilization, money, scarcity, fear, governance, impressionability, various different social and political movements took place, things have gotten out of perspective and reclarification and exploration of sexuality in a contemporary sense, aided by this ancient knowledge, is needed.

We are a Sex Positive space and intend to host events reflective of sex positivity; Sex Ed 101 through Senior Sexuality, exploring women's sexuality, men's, non binary, asexual, trans.  Exploring tantra, kink, sex magick, divination.  Singles only events, couples events.  The uses of different products, toys, devices.  The proper application and positions for sex.  How to connect with your partner and give each other space.  How to give and allow yourself to receive.  Because these are beautiful things, worthy of time, space, respect and reverance.  We hope that if you are already sex positive that you will look to us as a safe space and resource and that if you are not, that we have planted seeds that will change your pereception of how you view sexuality to something more positive.