Cupid’s Principles: Mental Health

Cupid's Musings and Gatherings stands on a foundation of four key principles: Sex Positivity, Inclusivity, Education and Mental Health. In this post we will talk about principle 4: Mental Health.

Mental Health is a tough subject to discuss. In a broad and general sense it is okay to talk about, even to exclaim that it needs to be given more of a priority in our country. But it is also, at the same time, considered a very taboo subject, one that some don't want to face and there are many, most needing to work on themselves, that run the farthest away from having to feel or think.

It is something that lingers in the shadow of the human consciousness and human experience. We all, to a certain degree have unresolved trauma from our youth; from either our upbringing, teachers, grownups, family, bad friends, bullies, negative experiences where we saw the worst of people and things that were not forgiven. We carry that pain with us and it seeps out in our interactions, carries on in what life and career path we choose, our acceptance of negative work environments, and become averse to truly being happy or feeling safe.

We, as a society, don't open up to each other, in some cases, even need a social lubricant to begin to even pretend to do so. We all need a safe space, that is judgement free, to speak about what is truly on our mind, how we feel, about what hurts us, where we want to be, and be able to speak plainly and clearly with someone that listens and is on your side without bias. Mental health is important. At Cupid's Musings and Gatherings we intend to house offices for licensed professionals to help those in crisis, specially trained for those in marginalized groups, who most need help, but are also well trained for those who feel they are ready to sit down, talk to someone, and do the work to move on from pain to a place of happiness, security and fulfillment.