Cupid’s Principles: Education

Cupid's Musings and Gatherings stands on 4 core principles: Sex Positivity, Inclusivity, Education and Mental Health.  Today we will focus on principle 3: Education.

Education is a word that can be off putting to some, even be triggering to others.  Some claim to have put off education even before completing their schooling, while others use the old saying “you learn something new every day”.  But what do we really know?  And do we know that, ultimately, we know nothing?  Do we know enough to change our mind or opinion when faced with contradicting information?  Do we know what things we are prejudiced about and what we rightfully fear? Do we know what things we were taught to research and learn more about, and what to accept at face value? 

Working with a variety of groups, who in addition to being marginalized, are also, quite misunderstood, requires a level of humility on our part; an acceptance that we know very little and a chance to learn by giving these groups space, and by being part of these events, workshops and discussions, truly learning instead of presuming.

We seek to understand a number of topics ranging from sexual health, to trans, autistic and asexual needs and areas of greatest urgency for activism, animal rights, human rights, rights for the disabled, homeless and elderly, nutrition, health, mental health, happiness, feeling supported.  And we seek to do so with regards to these topics in ways that seek to provide real and solid information, without a bias, or within a container of seeking to derive a profit from the information, or an alterior motive with a monetary basis.  But just as the right thing to do.

Seeking information and facts without needing to frame data a certain way allows us to see things as they actually are.  Staying grounded and present allows one to be truly educated and increasingly enlightened in how they live.  We hope that you will come check out different events at our space, participate in our discussions and get educated as well as teach others things they wouldn't otherwise be aware of.  May we all truly know better and do better with each passing day.