Black History Month: Little Known Facts

As we continue to honor and recognize Black History Month, celebrating the accomplishments, and looking ahead to the work that needs to be done, there is also a lot of acknowledgement of times when history and what was written to the public is not reflective of fact.  This can be found in the marketing of slavery, in the demonization of African Americans, of the stereotyping and redlining and countless injustices inflicted upon this group of people.

Though thorough revisions can be found online, many topics require research both online and in physical form.  The gradual acceptance of this search by popular culture is relieving, and one can only hope that it continues and that more and more light is shed on the history of African Americans in this country, and beyond the atrocities, to the uncredited accomplishments, sacrifices, raw deals, and unaccounted facts.

Reader's Digest, of all places, has a nice article, listing 15 little known facts about Black History, including acknowledgement of uncredited accomplishment, false history, and links to additional resources of value.  Please check it out here:  and continue to follow with us throughout the month.