• International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

    Though it may seem as if the forced mutilation of genitalia, a barbaric practice, would be something long since evolved out of the human condition.  But the practice does still exist, even within North America, and with it causes trauma, shock, severe pain, infections, and many negative physical and reproductive consequences.

  • Discussing Sexual Health as a New Couple

    Whether dating casually or in a more serious relationship, sexual health is an important topic to be mindful of, and how to discuss it with partners, whether potential or actual, can be tricky territory. That's why some choose to avoid discussing it entirely, or find difficulty in when or how to communicate it, and what actions to take around it.  With assistance from, we are here to help.

  • Sex Expo Etiquette 101

    Hi Party People!  As Cupid's Musings & Gatherings prepares for our VERY FIRST table and event – eXXXotica Edison NJ, we thought it would be timely to  put together an article regarding the general atmosphere and expectations one should have at such an event.  Though rules (and laws) do change state by state, the events are always adult only, almost always restrict or prohibit alcohol consumption (for good reason), and are clothing required.  However, this doesn't prevent you from entering your first sex expo with a sense of wonder, to get high on the headiness of so much of the sexual and erotic put on display in so many different varieties, and you really only need to wear pasties covering your private parts to technically be “clothed”.  Here are some tips regarding boundaries and safety so you can have a lot of fun and make sure your first sex expo isn't your last.

  • Cupid’s Principles: Mental Health

    Mental Health is a tough subject to discuss. In a broad and general sense it is okay to talk about, even to exclaim that it needs to be given more of a priority in our country. But it is also, at the same time, considered a very taboo subject, one that some don't want to face and there are many, most needing to work on themselves, that run the farthest away from having to feel or think.

  • Cupid’s Principles: Education

    Education is a word that can be off putting to some, even be triggering to others.  Some claim to have put off education even before completing their schooling, while others use the old saying “you learn something new every day”.  But what do we really know?  And do we know that, ultimately, we know nothing?  Do we know enough to change our mind or opinion when faced with contradicting information?  Do we know what things we are prejudiced about and what we rightfully fear? Do we know what things we were taught to research and learn more about, and what to accept at face value? 

  • International Day of Women and Girls in Science

    Continuing the curious mix of serious philanthropic topics of concern and whimsical themed days, today it rotates back to serious with the Interna...
  • Darwin Day

    Darwin Day, celebrated on the birthday of legendary researcher and author, Charles Darwin, who contributed thoroughly to the field of Science, most famously through his theory of evolution, which was heavily discounted during his time, but has since been acknowledged and accepted as a rule of nature.

  • Cupid’s Principles: Sex Positivity

    We are starting a series of posts on the 4 principles that make up the foundation of Cupid's: Sex Positivity, Inclusivity, Education and Mental Health.  Today we focus on Sex Positivity.

  • World Cancer Day

    This post is to draw awareness to World Cancer Day, which, this year, is recognized on Monday, February 4th, and marks its 20th anniversary.

  • National Wear Red Day – Heart Disease Awareness

    Today, Friday, February 7th is National Wear Red Day or Go Red For Women day, as the focus is the prevention and cure of heart disease in Women.  As with Cancer, a great percentage of cases can be prevented with healthy eating, managing stress and negativity and basic exercise.

  • Black History Month: Little Known Facts

    As we continue to honor and recognize Black History Month, celebrating the accomplishments, and looking ahead to the work that needs to be done, there is also a lot of acknowledgement of times when history and what was written to the public is not reflective of fact.  This can be found in the marketing of slavery, in the demonization of African Americans, of the stereotyping and redlining and countless injustices inflicted upon this group of people.

  • Poly Living Philadelphia

    This weekend, in Philadelphia, Poly-Living will be celebrating it's 15th anniversary in Philadelphia.  The conference, which began in 2005, founded and organized by George Marvil, centered around non monogamous relationships, communication, community building, and was hosted at a hotel in the Philadelphia area.  George, tragically passed away in 2006, though the Poly Living conference continued and was taken over completely in 2008, by Loving More, by Robyn Trask and her partner Jesus Garcia.